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A Separate Reality is an internet radio show on Revolution Radio that airs 6-8 P.M. EST, 3-5 PM PST, hosted by novelist, anthropologist and journalist Michael Hemmingson.

The title of the show comes from the second Carlos Castaneda book about the teachings of Yacqui brujo warrior, Don Juan Mateus.

The show covers topics from paranormal issues such as extraterrestrial visitors, extra-dimensional beings, spirits, angels, demons, time travel methods and theories, from philosophies of alternate timelines, parallel universes and separate perceptions of personal and global realities. Interviews in the second hour feature authors of fact and fiction, scholars of literature, politics and ethnography; bloggers of curious interest, journalists around the world, and regular people who offer damn good conversation and debate.



1. Windexx - April 10, 2012

Hi Michael. I’ll be tuned in this Saturday and I’m sure you won’t disappoint. You’re a great (and prolific) writer, playwright, poet, etc. – I’ve just recently “discovered” you and love your writings. You’re very stimulating in all topics and I’ve become a big fan of your blogs. I plan to start reading Carlos Castaneda’s series this week – sounds fascinating. I can barely keep up with all this new (to me) information. All the best in all your endeavors!

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