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On Starting a Radio Show April 10, 2012

Posted by vintagesleazepaperbacks in aliens, internet radio, news, paranormal, politics, revolution radio, ufo.

Long ago in a far distant personal reality called 1987-88, I worked for a rich crippled guy who made his fortune buying small low-band radio stations, reformatting them and increasing exposure and then later selling them for quite a profit against his initial investment. At age 20, he had hired me to help edit and produce a slick quarterly magazine called The Fessenden Review. He had the magazine on radio format as well, where I would discuss books and interview writers. I had a lot of fun and have since always wanted to host my own radio show.

I did a little dabbling in local BlogSpot Radio with an ex-girlfriend and her company that had a New Age bent in 2005-6, but that did not work out well (the show and relationship).

Like many with radio shows with a paranormal bent, I was influenced by Art Bell in the late 1990s. I was helping to run a small live theater (plays, etc) at the time and many people said to me, “You would be good as a radio host.” I concurred, but never really pursued the idea until I started listening to Sean David Morton’s Strange Universe and Kerry Cassidy’s Project Camelot Whistleblower Radio and thought: I can do this and have fun.

My hope is that other people will find my show fun to listen to for two hours on Saturday afternoon/evenings.

The digital world offers the masses platforms of expression that were, before, difficult to obtain: finding an audience through blogs, internet radio (which is like an audio blog), instant book publication via ebooks and print on demand without needing a traditional publisher, instant music CDs without going through a record label…many struggle in a niche world while others make a small fortune via ad revenue and selling products (books, online seminars); the digital realm has been instrument in, and is an instrumental too; for, expanded human consciousness with easily accessible news, information, and intel; the freedom of the internet frightens nations like China, Iran, North Korea and Venezuela, so these nations restrict access to keep their subjects in the dark, to keep their subjects from communicating with the so-called free world. The internet frightens leaders of the western nations and already we are seeing attempts by the U.S., U.K., German, Italian and so on governments looking for excuses and ways to censor certain voices out there, and thwart the pubic’s access to opinions, expressions, and thought that is counter to their agendas.

We should be grateful for the freedoms and knowledge that the internet affords us, because it could very well be taken away from us if TPTB have their way; it is a freedom worth fighting for and even dying for. The day may come when bloggers and internet radio hosts are imprisoned for broadcasting their opinions as we are now witnessed journalists and whistleblowers of the wiki-leak genre disappearing, being murdered, indicted and imprisoned.

Let us hope it does not become a common practice, where freedom of opinions and topics are labeled as acts of sedition and terrorism.



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